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Employers can learn, too.

Via Robb Allen, we learn about Dutch Bros. coffee. A company who, like many others, has rules about employees carrying firearms while they’re on the clock.

However, one of their employees thought his life to be more valuable than a paycheck. This barista was confronted by a choir-boy one night, and had to defend himself. The predator did not survive, and none of his prey was injured. This story is good in and of itself, but does not stop there.

One of the founders of Dutch Bros., Travis Boersma, chose not to terminate the barista for a violation of company policy. Instead, he announced that they (Dutch Bros.) are going to “reexamine” the policy in question. In his words, “We want to make sure (that policy) is in the best interest of our employees.”

Many companies have similar policies today. Even in the usually gun-friendly state of Alabama. My employer has one, and it chafes me to no end. Our legislature had a bill last year that would have prevented companies from enforcing laws that keep their employees unarmed on company property, including parking lots. However, an argument about “Gun Rights” vs. “Property Rights” arose. Throw in a special interest group that threw its support behind the bill, but only if it did not have to comply, and you have one dead bill. Here’s hoping that our newly elected house will take up this matter again, and that my co-workers can walk out of our dark building at 9pm with more than a sharp pencil to defend themselves.

I don’t know much about Dutch Bros. coffee. Outside of this incident, they could be the worst sweatshop in the world, who makes coffee filters out of baby seal hides, or grows coffee in the carcasses of beluga whales. But to see a leader of a company say “You know, maybe we’re wrong about something, and need to change things” is a true mark of leadership, to me. This could be a company to watch.

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