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Ruger LCP

Let me start this post by saying that I own a Ruger LCP .380. I like my little gun. I own 4 Rugers in all. They’re all wonderful guns.

But lately, every time I read about an article about all the different .380s on the market, it seems that everyone refers to the Ruger LCP as “revolutionary” or, as this show refers to it, a “Game Changer?”

I’m sorry, but I just can’t buy into that hyperbole. I had been researching pocket .380s since I first heard about the Colt Mustang. I also purchased an Accu-Tek .380 at a gun show. (True story – I bought and sold it on the same day to a friend. I broke even, financially, but that gun turned out to be a real P-O-S. So I really came out ahead). But in my mind, Kel-Tec really started the pocket .380 trend when they introduced their P3AT model, at least 2 years before Ruger produced the LCP. I think that if anyone should get credit for “changing the game”, it’s Kel-Tec.

As I stated earlier, I own an LCP. I had been looking at both guns, and was leaning towards the P3AT because of it’s lower price and availability. However, I wound up getting a fantastic deal on the LCP, so I bought it instead. But c’mon… Let’s give credit where credit is due. Even if that credit belongs to a smaller firearm company, and not the company whose advertising budget probably keeps most gun rags in business.

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  1. JDub said

    The Kel-Tec P3AT I’ve carried for the last two years has been utlra reliable. The only reason the Ruger gets press is there buying a bunch of advertising time. IMHO Ruger ripped off Keltec & had to make a huge recell right off the bat with there 1st attempt with bringing the LCP to market. They claim they brought it out too soon.

    Don’t hesitate to buy a P3AT – vistit the KTOG website for tips, shoot a few hundred rounds of ball, clean & oil it well & you’ll be good to go. I leaning heavily toward purchase of a PF9 as my next handgun.

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