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A lot can happen in 4 years.

My last update to this blog was 4 years ago, if you care to read below. I was attending day 1 of a 4 day course at Front Sight Institute in Pahrump, Nevada. My intention was to write a thorough review of the course, and continue a relaunch of my blog.

Yeah. You know what they say about best intentions.

So what happened? I graduated the course (TL;DR: The training was really good because we had an excellent instructor. Front Sight is, at best, a good intro to firearms for the masses. Otherwise it’s a scam ran by a perpetual huckster – he’d fit right in with Wayne LaPierre IMO).

Then I got complacent. As did a lot of others. The world’s focus shifted to a lot of things: Trump. OrangeManBad. Mean Tweets. Covid. Covid Fraud. Covid Real. Supreme Court Justices. Football. Trump Derangement Syndrome. NRA failings. MeToo. BLM. Riots. Antifa. Defund the Police. Back the Blue. Election. Election Fraud. FJB. LGB. LGBTQ+. Groomers. Covid Omicron. Monkeypox. Inflation. Ukraine. Markets Tanking. Shootings.



And as it did before, that’s what motivated me to post again. Look, I know that my readership of this blog is… maybe 3 at best. But I do this as a way to get things off my chest and hopefully make a difference to someone.

Today’s outrage is focused on the shooting in Uvalde, TX. Facts are still coming out, but from most accounts so far, a mentally disturbed young man (who may have been transgender and on meds – those are unconfirmed) who had been investigated by the FBI, and despite numerous red flags, bought a firearm legally. He then shot his grandmother, and proceeded to murder innocent children and teachers. Police who had the means to take out the shooter, waited 40 minutes with their collective thumbs up their asses to take the shooter out. Supposedly they were forced into action by an off-duty Border Patrol officer who, using a borrowed shotgun, charged into harms way. He was wounded.

Because of this, the usual outrage from anti-gun people started while the blood was still wet at the school. As always, the blame is being placed on an object and not the shooter. Blame the firearm, not the incompetence of the system that let him purchase it. ‘We need more restrictions!’ – despite restrictions having been proven over and over that they do. not. work.

But the uproar is louder than ever before. I truly believe we are an eyelash away from losing a lot of freedoms that are guaranteed by our second amendment. Note – these are inherent rights that everyone on the planet has when they come into existence. Our constitution doesn’t give them to us. It is just meant to keep government from f-ing with them. It’s up to us to make sure that we keep our right to bear arms. I have so seen so many misleading facts, memes, talking points, media snippets that are just plain wrong, that it moved me to action. Hence this post.

So what can you do? Even though I detest it and think they are not a gun rights organization, at least join the NRA. But do that after you join Gun Owners of America. Join the Firearm Policy Coalition. Write your representatives and senators. No matter if they have a (D) or (R) after they name, you cannot trust them. They will sell your gun rights out from under you faster than Joe Biden can screw up a speech.

They want to take your guns.

Tell them No. Tell them Hell, No.

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