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The Hysteria Continues…

Ammunition continues to be gobbled up as soon as store owners place it on the shelf. This has led to something strange, stuff at least in the .223/5.56 ammo category. Have you ever seen brass cased ammo selling for less than its steel-cased counterpart?

Prices from

I thought that maybe it was because the steel-cased Wolf ammo was available today, nurse but it is also backordered.

Price comparision is from

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Gun Rights

Larry Correia, unhealthy author of the Monster Hunter series of books (and many others), ambulance has written what I believe is the best discourse on gun rights that I have read in a long, stuff long time. His first post in a promised series is directed to well meaning but people who dont know the facts.

Go read it. It is a lengthy post, but well worth your time. You will walk away with several key pieces of information about gun usage in America. I believe that we will all need to stand at the ready – as intellectual minutemen, if you will – to have an intelligent discourse about our gun rights in America. I fear that the upcoming fight will be a brutal one.

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My Weapon

This is my Springfield XD chambered in .45 ACP.

It is a semi-automatic pistol. It is shown holding 11 rounds, treatment though it is capable of utilizing extended magazines.

It, order along with millions of other firearms in the United States of America, did not harm anyone today.

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New Memberships

After watching the politicians, media moguls, and anti-rights activists dance in the blood of the innocent victims of the Connecticut massacre, I debated going ahead with the purchase of a Glock 19 that I’ve had my eyes on for several months now. I wanted to buy it, before the prices jump even further.

I re-considered my purchase, and did not make it (yet).

Instead, with the money I’d set aside to purchase my Glock, I joined the Second Amendment Foundation. I also renewed my membership with Gun Owners of America. I believe that our gun rights organizations in America (including JPFO and the NRA) will be fundamental in the defense of our God-given rights.

Fellow gunnies, I believe that the majority of us have remained silent purely out of respect for the CT victims. But that time is quickly coming to an end. Therefore, I challenge all of you to set aside some funds to join our pro-2A organizations.

There are so many factors that need to be addressed in this tragedy – mental health care, mind altering medication, etc – that need to be addressed. The solution is not to remove an individual’s right to defend themselves.

Anyone who believes that law guarantees their safety is a fool.

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.22 beats .45

So says “Molotov Mitchell”.

There are enough eye-rolling moments in this video you’ll be able to number the hairs in your eyebrows. But hey, it’s WorldNetDaily. Would you expect anything less?

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BAG Day, Part II

My other Ruger 10/22 Breakdown came in today!!

Alas, the Mark‘s gunsmiths were all tied up with an activity at Lay Lake, so I was unable to have the swivel studs installed.  I’ll either do it myself, or take it back another time.

Time to take these bad boys out to the range!!

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Triggers: Weapons that changed the world

While enjoying a leisurely Saturday morning, I stumbled upon a TV show that I hadn’t seen before.  Triggers:  Weapons that changed the World, hosted by Wil Willis, airs on the Military channel.

Think of it as Mail Call meets Top Shot (but without all of the drama that made me stop watching it after 5-6 episodes) meets Deadliest Warrior.  Fun, educational, and the next best thing to being on the range yourself.

Check it out if you get a chance.  I think you’ll like it!

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I placed my first-ever order from last week.

It was a great experience.  When I’ve ordered online before, it usually took about 5-7 days for my ammo to show up.  Not this time.  I placed my order on Wednesday morning, and by 5pm Thusday my ammo was on my doorstep.

I thought that the shipping charge was very reasonable as well – $23.59 for 2000 rounds.  That’s about half of what I would have paid in local sales tax.

I got a great deal on some 9mm and 5.56.  With that type of turnaround, I’m about to become a frequent shopper.

I’m afraid that the UPS man may start to hate me, though.

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GCB & Guns

While I don’t agree with the premise behind GCB (Good Christian Bitches), I’ve caught a few episodes.  This particular snippet owned me:

“What are you afraid of?”


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I celebrated National Buy A Gun Day 1 day early.  My gun store of choice, Mark’s Outdoors, was closed on Sunday.  And could anyone really expect me to wait until Monday to go and pick up this?

I’d ordered 2 of them on Wednesday, and got the call on Friday that 1 had arrived.  I had swivels installed while the ATF paperwork was processing – For the life of me, I don’t get why Ruger doesn’t ship their synthetic stocks with studs installed.  Anyways, I hope to get it out to the range soon!

Lots of other cool kids picked up some neat toys too.

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