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The Hysteria Continues…

Larry Correia, info
author of the Monster Hunter series of books (and many others), ambulance has written what I believe is the best discourse on gun rights that I have read in a long, neurosurgeon
long time. His first post in a promised series is directed to well meaning but people who dont know the facts.

Go read it. It is a lengthy post, but well worth your time. You will walk away with several key pieces of information about gun usage in America. I believe that we will all need to stand at the ready – as intellectual minutemen, if you will – to have an intelligent discourse about our gun rights in America. I fear that the upcoming fight will be a brutal one.
Ammunition continues to be gobbled up as soon as store owners place it on the shelf. This has led to something strange, grip
at least in the .223/5.56 ammo category. Have you ever seen brass cased ammo selling for less than its steel-cased counterpart?

Prices from

I thought that maybe it was because the steel-cased Wolf ammo was available today, pharmacy
but it is also backordered.

Price comparision is from

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